Our Products


Our name, Cedar Lake Wine Company, sets the stage for what we do. We are a destination for wine lovers of all types. Our wine department is comprised of selections from all over the globe. Finding new wines is a never-ending, fun filled adventure. We are constantly looking for new products to bring into the store and feature. We hope that each time you come into the store; you see a bottle from a producer or country that you may not have seen in the past. Your favorites will always be on hand, but we welcome the opportunity to show you something new.


Wine might be our forte’, but we will not be outdone in the liquor or beer categories. We carry a broad variety of liquor. Craft spirits, vodka, gin, rum, and cordials have exploded into the market within the last five years. We have selections from around the globe, from national producers, and hand crafted products from right here in Minnesota. Single malt whiskeys and bourbons will always be a focus, but we also carry a quality selection of gin, rum, vodka and tequila.


There is no hotter category in the liquor industry right now than craft beer. With new breweries opening weekly, if not daily, there is always something new coming into the market. Cedar Lake Wine Company is committed to having one of the best beer programs in the Twin Cities. We have staff members specifically assigned to manage our beer inventory and make sure we have the best and freshest product for you to purchase. Be sure to check out our six pack sampler section.

Contact us to help you find your favorite specialty wine, premium spirit, or craft beer. Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota, we ship to customers nationwide.